The Liberia Medical Laboratory Board is the leading authority in regulating and overseeing laboratory practices in Liberia. Our history dates back to the Liberia Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (LAMLT) and its mandate in the 1977 Act of legislation. Since then, the Board's authority has evolved and been reinforced in accordance with the 2010 Amended Public Health Law and officially endorsed by the Association in 2013.

Our Mission

To provide Medical Laboratory services with the highest quality and reliability in Liberia by ensuring compliance with standards for training, research and practice.

Our Vision

To be an acclaimed regulatory body driving the culture of quality and efficient patient care and ensuring high laboratory standards in training and research.

The primary functions of the Liberia Medical Laboratory Board encompass the following:

Licensing Laboratory Practitioners: We regulate and license laboratory practitioners, ensuring that they meet the required qualifications and adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.
Assessing and Accrediting Laboratory Training Institutions: Our Board plays a pivotal role in assessing and accrediting laboratory training institutions across Liberia. This ensures that future generations of laboratory professionals receive top-notch education and training.
Licensing Diagnostic Facilities: We oversee the licensing of diagnostic facilities, guaranteeing that these institutions maintain the necessary standards and offer reliable diagnostic services to the public.

The Liberia Medical Laboratory Board is committed to the health and well-being of the Liberian people. By upholding rigorous standards and regulations, we contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services in the country. We are dedicated to promoting the growth of the medical laboratory sector and safeguarding public health.